What is enlightenment?

Can Bacterium Compute?

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London, Kings Place £6.50 - £16.50

Bach Erschallet, ihr Lieder (‘Resound, ye songs, ring out, ye strings’) BWV172

Professor Susan Stepney Director, York Cross-Disciplinary Centre for Systems Analysis, University of York

Steven Devine director
Zoe Brookshaw
Sinead O’Kelly mezzo soprano
Laurence Kilsby tenor
Dominic Sedgwick bass

Bach, the Universe and Everything is our very own Sunday service for inquiring and curious minds; a place to bond with music lovers and revel in the wonders of science.

The science

From smartphones to desktops, most people think of computers as being based on silicon. But what about slime mould? Bacteria? Can they computer? There are many types of non-conventional computing, and one of the leading figures in this field, Professor Susan Stepney, explores how harnessing this power might lead to exciting new developments in the near future.

The music

This cantata, BWV 172, marks Pentecost, and the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. It even includes a duet between the Holy Spirit and the ‘soul’. It’s therefore an upbeat, celebratory piece, with festive instrumentation including three trumpets and timpani.


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