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Handel’s Solomon

London, Southbank Centre's Royal Festival Hall

Christian Curnyn conductor
Iestyn Davies Solomon
James Way Zadok
Lucy Crowe Pharoah’s Daughter
Lucy Crowe Queen of Sheba
Neal Davies Levite
Lucy Crowe 1st Harlot
Zoë Brookshaw 2nd Harlot

When two harlots claim a single baby, King Solomon decrees that the boy be cut in half. Desperate to save her son, the real mother is identified when she rejects the proposal and relinquishes the child. This great Handelian oratorio is a celebration of love in all its forms, from the sensuous passion between the King and his wife to the selfless love of a mother for her child. The rich imagery of the music is dramatised with an all-star cast including Iestyn Davies, James Way, Lucy Crowe and Neal Davies. The concert includes the famous, oboe-piping Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.


"There was no doubting Iestyn Davies’ vocal power here – his voice cutting like a knife, yet with unutterable beauty. "
Colin Clarke, Seen and Heard International, 13 November 2019