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Schooled by Randomness

Bach, the Universe and Everything returns to the University of Oxford’s Mathematical Institute for a second season of awe-inspiring music and musings
Oxford, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford £7.50 - £15 Book now

JS Bach BWV 152 Tritt auf die Glaubensbahn

Tim Harford Financial Times columnist, Radio 4 presenter, author and regular speaker for TED talks
Steven Devine director

Bach, the Universe and Everything is our very own Sunday service for inquiring and curious minds; a place to bond with music lovers and revel in the wonders of science.


There’d been a mistake. The venue has provided the wrong piano. The black notes are sticking, the white notes are out of tune, the pedals don’t work and the instrument itself is just too small.” What do you do?
Tim Harford talks about how random obstacles and frustrations can inspire us to be more creative.


This cantata is a dialogue between fear (reinforced by the horn) and hope (that’s the tenor); a fitting accompaniment to a talk about the mental journey from feeling derailed by a challenge to feeling creatively inspired.

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Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford
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