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Singing through time and space

Bach, the Universe and Everything returns to the University of Oxford’s Mathematical Institute for a second season of awe-inspiring music and musings
Oxford, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford £7.50 - £15 Book now

JS Bach BWV 18 Gleichwie der Regen und Schnee vom Himmel fällt

Dr Edward Breen The City Literary Institute
Steven Devine director

Bach, the Universe and Everything is our very own Sunday service for inquiring and curious minds; a place to bond with music lovers and revel in the wonders of science. In this event, Dr Edward Breen shows us how to map our vibrato.


Using modern vibrato mapping techniques and the voices of the OAE’S Rising Stars, Dr Edward Breen demonstrates how singers have adapted their voices and techniques throughout history to keep pace with not only the evolution of orchestral instruments but also the evolution of the concert hall


In this cantata about longing and waiting, we experience the liberation of the bassoon and a stunning example of how the instrument has evolved.

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Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford
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