What is enlightenment?

The Moon Hares, Kings Lynn

The village is run with a strict set of rules and regulations. At night the villagers are under strict curfew and the streets are patrolled.  Nobody goes out at night or looks up at the stars.  The Mayor fiercely upholds the curfew, but the older villagers know that the village is full of magic and wonder!
King's Lynn, Norfolk, King’s Lynn Corn Exchange £3 - £5 Book now

When a new teacher arrives in town she is surprised to find out that the children have never seen the moon as they are forbidden from going out at night. With the help of her landlord, she discovers that the village is filled with ancient magic.  Any person who goes out at night and looks at the moon is turned into a hare until morning.  They can live the life of a wild animal, exploring nature and the night.  Will the children dare to disobey the rules for an adventure and look at the moon?  Join us to discover the magic that lies within the village…

The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (OAE) brings four singers, twenty musicians and a whole lot of energy to this theatrical performance of Hazel Gould’s The Moon Hares. The music is by James Redwood and includes new songs and instrumental music, alongside sections from Henry Purcell’s 17th-century opera Dioclesian. Local schools join OAE as the chorus, playing a key role in the narrative of the story.

This event has been co-produced by the OAE and Orchestras Live with additional support from Arts Council England.