About OAE Player Annual Pass

Since June 2020, we have been preparing a programme of cinematic, ultra-high-definition films created with a digital audience in mind. Our musicians have chosen the music, written the scripts and have fully embraced the opportunity to experiment beyond the limitations of the traditional concert format.

Now you can enjoy all of our creative projects in one place, available on a rental basis or you can buy an all access annual pass for just £99 inc. VAT. 

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​The OAE 2020/21 Southbank Centre Season will be available on the platform throughout the year. It would normally cost £650 to watch the entire season from a front stalls seat. You can access it all, plus additional touring footage, historical discussions and rehearsal snippets for just £99.

By supporting the OAE in this way, not only are you ensuring the future of Britain’s most playful period-instrument orchestra and its musicians, but also vital music outreach work. In September 2020, we moved into Acland Burghley School, Camden and are including young people in our work every day of the week. Every £1 spent on the OAE is a £1 spent on education, inspiration and hope.

Come with us on this journey. Buy an annual pass and don’t miss a note.

  • All-access pass to an ever-growing platform of performances, backstage mischief and masterclasses for one year
  • 10% discount off tickets to select physical events once restrictions lift 
  • Monthly email updates about world-premiere broadcasts on OAE Player 
  • Invitation to an annual digital reception with OAE CEO, Crispin Woodhead to hear about plans for our future creative projects
  • Surprise Christmas content only available to annual pass holders
  • A monthly prize draw where one lucky winner each month has the option to make a cameo appearance in an OAE Player video.
"Front stalls seat to an OAE season at Southbank is normally £650 -You can access it all, plus historical discussions, touring and rehearsal clips for just £99"


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there only be thirty films?
We’re having so much fun making these performance videos and masterclasses that we will keep adding new films to our website throughout the year.

How are these films different from concert recordings I’ve seen on YouTube?
The films on OAE Player are created for a more immersive experience than the educational videos that we produce for our YouTube channel.
OAE Player films have been recorded specifically for the OAE Player, in visually stunning locations across the UK. Each location has been chosen to enhance the ideas that we’re exploring in the repertoire and we will provide information about these connections alongside the films.
We have invested in multiple ultra-high definition cameras so that you can see the close-up details of the performances in a way that feels more like a cinematic experience than a static concert. In some of the films, our musicians will talk to the camera and share their ideas about the music, in other films we will offer behind the scenes films, interviews and intimate masterclasses with guest artists.

Do I need to download anything?
No, once the platform launches, all the videos will be available to stream straight to your device. Click here for OAE Player Instructions
What about the rental tickets?
With our rental option, the film will be available for one year on your personalised account. The rental ticket option will range in price depending on the length of the film and will be between £4 – £7. We are still doing a lot of financial modelling to make sure we balance this so the content remains accessible to as many people as possible, whilst remaining a valid income stream to aid our survival and we always welcome feedback: boxoffice@oae.co.uk

Can I watch OAE player on my smart TV?
OAE Player is only compatible with a Smart TV with a web browser.

What kind of music is on OAE Player?
Some of the highlights include

  • Mark Padmore Masterclasses with OAE Rising Stars of the Enlightenment: Dominic Sedgwick, Bethany Horak-Hallett, Zoe Brookshaw and Hugo Hymas
  • Roderick Williams and Rowan Pierce performing Bach’s Cantata BWV 82: Ich Habe Genug which will premiere on the platform on 9 November 2020
  • Telemann Fantasias for Viola da Gamba, Violin and Harpsichord with OAE Principals Jonathan Manson, Kati Debretzeni and Steven Devine
  • OAE Wind Section performing Beethoven’s Octet and further repertoire including Kriege, Lully and Croft

Click here to buy an Annual Pass

Gift an Annual Pass

Gift an Annual Pass

You can purchase an Annual Pass as a gift for someone else by emailing the full name, email and postal addresses of the recipient to boxoffice@oae.co.uk. We will then be in touch with you regarding payment details and to confirm how you’d like your gift to be presented. We are happy to write to the recipient on your behalf or provide you with the gift details.