The challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic have affected every aspect of how the OAE operates.

Our position

Before the pandemic, our annual turnover averaged £3,000,000. 70% of our annual income came from ticket sales, touring, broadcasts and an Arts Council grant of £204,000. The remaining £1,000,000 was fundraised income.

During our 2020/21 season we will lose £214,000 in income due to the global lack of public performances and social distancing restrictions. In the 2021/22 season we expect to lose an additional £280,000.

The future

Given the disruption to orchestral life and loss of income since March 2020, we are now seeking to build up our reserves to ensure that the work of the orchestra can continue despite challenging global circumstances. Where we are able to put on live performances, social distancing measures will mean a significant reduction in touring and ticket income, and we are seeking funds to subsidise these losses so that our players can continue to perform and are appropriately paid for their performances.

The pressures created by climate change and Brexit mean that we will need to adapt our touring model. This transition period will inevitably require investment whilst we devise, pilot, adapt and implement new business models.

Please support the OAE Regeneration Appeal.  Your gift will be matched pound for pound and will ensure the OAE can keep playing.