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Bach Easter Oratorio in Saffron Walden

We bring Bach's Easter Oratorio to Saffron Hall with Peter Whelan and soloists from the new cohort of our Rising Stars of the Enlightenment scheme.
Saffron Walden, Saffron Hall £10 - £55 Info & Tickets

Bach’s ‘Easter Oratorio’, composed in 1725, displays Bach’s consummate skill as a storyteller. The dash of running feet, the uncertainty of the empty tomb and the adrenalin rush of realising Jesus has risen from the dead are all brought vividly to life through his infinite musical invention. After a boisterous opening, we are pitched into the drama of the disciples – represented by a quartet of soloists – with heartfelt arias for the two Marys and Peter reflecting on their fears and hopes.

It is preceded by two other Easter Monday cantatas, a characteristic mix of spirited celebration and moments of stasis and personal reflection. The joy at the resurrection predominates but ‘Stay with Us’ is imbued with duskier tones, the uncertainty of the disciples’ journey away from Jerusalem providing Bach the dramatist with opportunities for unusual colourings and sharply drawn word-painting.

You can also hear the Easter Oratorio directed by Peter Whelan at the Southbank Centre in London on 27 March.