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Don Giovanni

This summer we'll be at Glyndebourne for Mozart's Don Giovanni and Semele by Handel.
Lewes, Glyndebourne More Info

The first of our two appearances at Glyndebourne this year. Mariame Clément directs Glyndebourne’s first new Don Giovanni in over a decade and rising-star conductor Evan Rogister makes his Festival debut.

Womanising aristocrat Don Giovanni lives a life of debauchery and pleasure, seducing and abandoning women wherever he goes. But when a seduction goes horribly wrong, he finally finds himself in a situation he cannot charm his way out of.

The Don Juan legend takes breathless and exhilarating form in Mozart’s tragicomedy – a work ETA Hoffmann once called ‘The opera of all operas’. Shakespearean in its breadth of emotion, Don Giovanni slips from laughter and physical farce to brutal psychodrama in a second, a dramatic whirlpool whose inexorable tug pulls both its hero and audience down further and further towards its explosive conclusion. A score of singular power drives the action forwards, seducing its listeners with serenades and love-songs, richly layered ensembles and intricate finales. At the centre of it all is the Don himself, a musical cipher as charismatic as he is unknowable.

Find out more about the Glyndebourne experience and book tickets on the venue’s website.