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Moon Landing and Pastoral

We're taking you on some musical voyages for our concert at the Beethovenfest in Bonn.
Bonn, World Conference Center €14.50 - €67

Georges Méliès Le Voyage Dans la Lune (silent film with piano accompaniment)
Haydn ‘La ragazza col vecchione’ and ‘Che mondo amabile’ from Il Mondo Della Luna (The World on the Moon’)
Beethoven Symphony no. 6 in F major, Pastoral

Ádám Fischer conductor
Pablo Held piano
Dominic Sedgwick baritone

Ever since the invention of the telescope, humankind has longed to land on the moon.

There’s no shortage of satirical and utopian travelogues. The classical silent movie Journey to the Moon, by the pioneering French filmmaker Georges Méliès, is one of the very first science-fiction films. The film will be screened at our concert with live music at the piano.

Haydn’s two orchestral ‘Notturni’ (festive nocturnal chamber symphonies of marvellous lightness) from his opera buffa, Il Mondo Della Luna (‘The World on the Moon’), keep us on our celestial theme.

We’re then suddenly whisking you away to the countryside with Beethoven’s wildly popular Pastoral symphony.

Conductor Ádám Fischer joins us in Bonn at the Beethovenfest to lead you through our musical voyages.

"My principle: live in the country. My bad hearing doesn’t plague me here. It’s as though every tree speaks to me in the countryside. Who can express it all?"