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OAE Experience Ensemble: Haydn Goes Tick-Tock

Come hear our new cohort of OAE Experience musicians perform in their first concert together.
London, Heath Street Baptist Church £10 - £20 Info & Tickets

Musical time itself is stretching… Led by Margaret Faultless. the OAE Experience Ensemble break up the Clock symphony and explore it as an expression of the Enlightenment within the changing landscape of the industrial revolution, with the help of storyteller Wilf Merttens. Is there a tick-tock in everything? or is it simply a construct of our own making?

The programme includes Haydn’s Symphony No. 101 ‘The Clock’ and the Allegro from Symphony No. 63 ‘La Roxelane’.

The Ann and Peter Law OAE Experience gives gifted period instrument musicians the chance to work alongside our orchestral players. The two-year scheme is aimed at players who have already finished or are finishing their studies and allows participants to be involved in and be mentored by our musicians in a variety of events across the programme.