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Bach, the Universe and Everything: Schooled by Randomness

Tim Harford joins us for this secular Sunday service.
Oxford, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford £15 -

BWV 81 Jesus schläft, was soll ich hoffen? (Jesus sleeps, what shall I hope for?)
Today’s cantata draws upon those moments in life when confusing and random obstacles in our path make us fear for the future and we turn to God to show us the way. The music was written to accompany the Gospel of Matthew about Jesus calming the storm and the drama of a storm is ever-present throughout this cantata. The third movement, in particular, with its frantic singing and lively tempo pulls you into the eye of the storm and spits you back out again, all the wiser for it.

There’s been a mistake. The venue has provided the wrong piano. The black notes are sticking, the white notes are out of tune, the pedals don’t work and the instrument itself is just too small.” What do you do? Tim Harford talks about how random obstacles and frustrations can inspire us to be more creative.