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Telling Tales with Telemann – October

The first in a series of monthly films of much-loved fables paired with music from Telemann's Essercizii Musici
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Telling Tales with Telemann


A dazzling baroque masterpiece, Telemann’s Essercizii Musici is a colourful feast of musical delights. Over a year, our audience will be treated to monthly instalments of solo and trio sonatas, a sacred cantata and a fable by Aesop. Featuring many player members, rising stars and student readers from our home, Acland Burghley School, these programmes tell profound stories of art, faith and learning, through music.

The Music

Trio Sonata for Oboe & Harpsichord in E flat, TWV42: Es3
Tenor Sonata for Oboe in E minor, TWV 41:e6
Umschlinget uns, ihr sanften Friedensbande, TWV 1:1426

This is the first in a series of monthly films featuring stories and music from Telemann’s Essercizii Musici.

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