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The Creativity Code

Our Sunday morning music and science series connects Bach's cantatas with artificial intelligence, with Professor Marcus du Sautoy from the University of Oxford.
London, Kings Place £6.50 - £16.50

Bach Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (Now come, Saviour of the gentiles I) BWV61

Professor Marcus du Sautoy Charles Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford

Sofia Larsson soprano
Hugo Hymas tenor
Dominic Sedgwick bass

Bach, the Universe and Everything is our very own Sunday service for inquiring and curious minds; a place to bond with music lovers and revel in the wonders of science.

The science

Could computers put composers out of job? Professor Marcus du Sautoy’s latest book, The Creativity Code: How AI is Learning to Write, Paint and Think, explores creativity, algorithms, and whether artificial intelligence will ever be able to write a cantata quite like Bach.

The music

To mark the start of Advent, the Orchestra plays one of Bach’s Christmas cantatas, full of anticipation for the big day. It’s an unusual cantata, bringing in element of secular French opera, such as an Overture, into church music.

In partnership with

Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford
Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford
Institute of Physics
Institute of Physics