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The Magic Flute

Join us for a fun packed family show of a newly crafted version of Mozart's The Magic Flute by Hazel Gould.
York, National Centre for Early Music £6 - £22 Book now

Kirsty is a bird. Tim is a bird catcher. Every day he must catch a new bird to take to the queen for her collection. In return she gives him food and drink. This is a good arrangement. One day Tim catches Kirsty – and is going to take her to the Queen – but Kirsty does not want to be caught or to live in a palace. She wants to be free. Tim is frightened of the Queen, but is moved by Kirsty’s plight. He tries to let her free, but is caught by The Queen. The Queen won’t let them off, but agrees to give them a chance to free themselves. First she challenges them to be silent, but Tim can’t manage it. The Queen says that the challenges are over, but Kirsty begs for another chance. The Queen agrees, and gives them the trials of Fire and Water. She offers them weapons – a Flute and some bells, everyone knows that they are doomed to fail. As they attempt the trials, at first they get nowhere, but then they decide to use their flute and bells – and the fire and water are calmed. Their music has saved the day! Tim and Kirsty are set free, and Tim goes with Kirsty to live life as a bird, flying around the world.

Suitable for children aged 5 upwards and their parents and carers.