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The Night Shift: The Blues Kitchen, Brixton

Let the colours of the world spice up your musical life as The Night Shift returns to Brixton.
Brixton, The Blues Kitchen 7 - 15 Book Tickets

We’re back in Brixton for the final Night Shift of the Spring.

Our principal clarinet Katherine Spencer hosts an evening of music for winds from the 1700s to the 21st Century celebrating colour with Katy Bircher (flute), Leo Duarte (oboe) and Chris Rawley (bassoon).

From ancient times colours have had different meanings and symbolisms and this varied from place to place. Some colours were even meant to bring you good luck. The ancient Chinese treasured black over any colour and it is often linked to sadness and death. Whereas blue often relates to tranquility and peace. Red is an interesting colour for how people perceive its meaning – it often conjures up anger in its fiery character but is also a colour of celebration around the world used in weddings.

So welcome to our celebration of colours in music where we will explore the kaleidoscope of colours in wind music from the 1700’s to the 21st century.

This kaleidoscopic programme will feature music from a spectrum of composers including Telemann’s Fantasy for flute, Beethoven’s Duo for clarinet and bassoon, Tomasi’s Trio for clarinet, oboe and bassoon, Jean Francaix’s Wind Quartet for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon, music by Mauricio Kagel and… the Spice Girls.

The Night Shift is our series of informal gigs featuring chamber music by some of our favourite composers. Chamber music is literally music for smaller rooms in the home (or other places where people socialise). And that’s how we like it to roll… grab a drink, enjoy the sounds and have a chat.