Now That’s What I Call Niche Baroque Humour

This week we reached 2.5 million views on our Baroque Theorbo video. To celebrate this milestone here is a collection of our favourite jokes posted by you in the YouTube comments section.
Christopher Warwick
"If left flat on the floor, the neck will point North "
Christopher Warwick

"I can imagine a young kid's music teacher in the 16th century saying: 'say hello to my little friend'"

Mason Graves

"1600s kids tell their parents: “All the cooleth kids haveth one"
Make Sure I Win - FT

"Can you play "Stairway to Heaven" ... You're halfway there already"


"A bard once said...'call that a lute! , hold my mead'!"
Craig Terry

"Shouldn't it have a blinking red light on top? You know, for aircraft"

Jim Hresco

Nicholas Blachford
"Someone went to great lengths to make this instrument."
Nicholas Blachford

"I used to have one, but I baroque it."


"She's really sticking her neck out here..."
Darcy Grabenstein

"I always wanted an instrument I could joust with."

Michael Graham

"Im looking for something ridiculous excessive and eccentric... maybe something hard to carry around." "Ahh yes, this here is like a ukulele..."
Randy Floyd

"Alright I have to say it : If it ain't Baroque, don't fix it. Yeah, I feel better now. Ha ha!"

Greg P

"Her mom wanted her to play the clarinet but no she had to play this monstrosity"
Frederick Green

"Ukelele was developed after string shortage of 1558 lol"

S. C.

Elizabeth Kenny
"When I'm on the tube, people complain a lot about the space that I take up"
Elizabeth Kenny

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