Tea with Netty #28: OAE’s principal keyboard Steven Devine

Netty and Steven meet up for some refreshment and to chat all things early keyboards.

Steven Devine is a core member of OAE as our exceptionally versatile keyboard player, who also directs our monthly Bach, the Universe and Everything series on Sundays, as well as appearing in many of our OAE Player videos. In this episode we hear about his extraordinary pathway into the world of period instruments, as well as his thoughts on how they reflect musical history so explicitly.

Tea with Netty is the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment’s podcast hosted by viola player Annette Isserlis (Netty). Over a cuppa (or something a little stronger…), Netty chats with a variety of conductors, players and other guests as she ‘spills the tea’ on the side of classical music you don’t normally hear.

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