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Beethoven and Mozart in Asylum Chapel

Digital, OAE Player £8 for series - or scroll down to buy individual films Rent Movie

Mozart’s Don Giovanni is a cold-blooded scoundrel, but his arrogant and hedonistic ways catch up with him after he kills a man and is haunted by the ghost of his sins. This film series was captured in the Asylum Chapel in Peckham. Despite being called an ‘asylum’, the historic space was never occupied by the criminally insane. Rather, it provided sanctuary to those in need, which is perhaps a more fitting home for the likes of Don Giovanni who needed saving from himself.

‘Beethoven and Mozart in Asylum Chapel’ is made up of two films that are available to buy as a series or as individual episodes, below.


Beethoven in Asylum Chapel

Octet in E flat op. 103
This film is £4 or included with an Annual Pass. (What’s this?)



Mozart in Asylum Chapel

Mozart arr. Triebensee selection from Don Giovanni
This film is £6 or included with an Annual Pass. (What’s this?)



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