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The Night Shift at The Blues Kitchen Brixton

The bassoon will go to the dance as The Night Shift heads back to Brixton.
Brixton, The Blues Kitchen £13 suggested price - or 'pay what you choose' (from £7 minimum) Book Now

In the late 18th and 19th Centuries the people said “No!” to predictable chamber music concerts with the same old ensembles. They liked to mix it up…

Each city had its own celebrity performers who regularly appeared as chamber musicians not just in private homes and salons, but often as part of public orchestral concerts. That means that there’s a wealth of fantastic compositions for instruments that get less opportunity to be the belle of the ball.

Tonight’s gig will turn the spotlight on the bassoon as we highlight its potential for virtuosity, humour, charm and pathos. We hear two sets featuring Chris Rawley on bassoon with a string trio led by Claire Holden playing music by François Devienne (1759 – 1803) and Franz Danzi (1763 – 1826) interspersed with pieces for string trio by Schubert and Boccherini.

The Night Shift is our series of informal chamber music gigs – literally music for smaller rooms, in the home or other places where people socialise.  They’re a chance to hear the members of the OAE playing music that they’re passionate about and bringing in a wide range of musical influences. So come along, grab a drink with friends (or meet some new ones) and enjoy the music.

There are two ticket price choices for The Night Shift. Our suggested price is £13 or you can ‘pay what you choose’ by entering your own amount (with a £7 minimum up to as much as you like!).