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The Night Shift at The Water Rats

It’s time to put the party in to Gran Partita… The Night Shift is back!
Kings Cross, The Water Rats £13 suggested price - or 'pay what you choose' (from £7 minimum) Book Now

We don’t know exactly why Mozart composed his famous Gran Partita (also known as the Serenade for 13 Winds) but it was definitely meant as music to entertain, music for a party! But when oboist Leo Duarte suggested we play it at The Night Shift you can imagine the puzzled looks…

“But it’s in a pub, Leo! We’ll never fit 13 players on the stage.”

Ah, it turns out there is an arrangement for oboe, violin, viola and (forte)piano by CFG Schwencke. This brilliantly captures the spirit of the original and might even claim to supersede it in terms of intimacy between the musicians and also immediacy with the audience.

What better way to party away the winter blues as we get a new set of Night Shifts up-and-running. OK, we just need to get a fortepiano into a pub. Hey, Mr Fortepiano Man, do you know ‘Roll Out the Barrel’?

The Night Shift is our series of informal chamber music gigs – literally music for smaller rooms, in the home or other places where people socialise.  They’re a chance to hear the members of the OAE playing music that they’re passionate about and bringing in a wide range of musical influences. So come along, grab a drink with friends (or meet some new ones) and enjoy the music.

There are two ticket price choices for The Night Shift. Our suggested price is £13 or you can ‘pay what you choose’ by entering your own amount (with a £7 minimum up to as much as you like!).