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The Night Shift at Ye Olde Rose & Crown

A night of musical crime mysteries from the 17th and 18th Centuries starts a new season as we return to Walthamstow.
Walthamstow, Ye Olde Rose and Crown £13 suggested price - or 'pay what you choose' (from £7 minimum)

Many of the baroque era’s great composers remain famous today: Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli. There are many others whom you may not have heard of but were just as influential in their day. Composers like Antonio Alessandro Stradella (1643-1682), an early adopter of the ‘concerto grosso’, and Jean-Marie Leclair (1697-1764), a virtuoso violinist often called the “French Corelli” or “French Bach”.

However, there’s more to the story than meets the eye. Beneath the wondrous works of these composers lie grizzy tales of notorious engagements and involvement in criminal activity…

Violinist Silvia Schweinberger has investigated the truth to bring together an evening of sonatas by Stradella and Leclair with chilling stories in between.

Get ready for a gig where nothing is as it seems. Suspense, twists and surprises guaranteed.


The Night Shift is our series of informal chamber music gigs – literally music for smaller rooms, in the home or other places where people socialise.  They’re a chance to hear the members of the OAE playing music that they’re passionate about and bringing in a wide range of musical influences. So come along, grab a drink with friends (or meet some new ones) and enjoy the music.

There are two ticket price choices for The Night Shift. Our suggested price is £13 or you can ‘pay what you choose’ by entering your own amount (with a £7 minimum up to as much as you like!).