OAE Player Instructions

We understand that experiencing an online concert is different from doing so in person. While we look forward to the day when you can be with us to share the enjoyment of live performance once again, we hope you enjoy interacting with OAE Player in the meantime. Here is some guidance to help make your online viewing as smooth as possible.

Annual Pass Holders

If you are an Annual Pass Holder, you can access, browse and watch all videos in the the OAE Player library here, or by clicking the link in your confirmation email.

Rental Customers

1) The concerts are viewed on the OAE Player via the OAE website. To watch our musical films, visit the OAE Player Library, click on the concert(s) you want to watch and add them to your basket.

2) You will then be prompted either to login using pre-existing account details, which you will have if you have previously booked through us, the Southbank Centre, the LPO or the Philharmonia. If not, please register for a new account.

3)  Continue shopping until you are ready to click ‘check out’ and pay for the content. Please note, we do not accept American Express.

4) Once you have completed the checkout process, your virtual content will appear in the Digital Content section of your OAE account. You can visit this page by clicking https://tickets.oae.co.uk/account/content or the little human icon at the top right hand corner of the page. You will be able to view this content for one year from purchase date.

Quick tip: When scrolling down our concert listings, you can use the ‘OAE Player’ filter at the top of the page to view virtual content only.

Technical Information

Many Smart TVs now have a web browser feature built-in. If yours does not, it is possible to pass the content from your browser on a PC or mobile device onto your television.  Please use the links below for further guidance:

Casting from a Chrome Webpage

Mirroring your Apple Device

You can also use a HDMI Cable to connect your laptop to your television screen.