JS Bach Composer

Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Germany and lived from 1685 to 1750, during the height of what is known as the Baroque period. He is famous for his religious music, such as the St Matthew Passion and Christmas Oratorio. But he also wrote plenty of playful, secular works, for example the Brandenburg Concertos. He is known for many innovations that made music more complex and finely structured, including the development of counterpoint. Bach was a member of an incredible musical family, and his sons Carl Philipp Emanuel and Johann Sebastian enjoyed more fame as composers than their father during their own lifetimes. We perform a monthly Sunday morning series, Bach, the Universe and Everything, which combines Bach's cantatas with talks from leading scientists.
"When we see images of the strange mathematical beasts lurking at the heart of the natural world, it is always the dizzling spirals of Bach that come to mind. "
Douglas Adams