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The evolution of the violin bow

Thu Nov 8 2012

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OAE violinist, Henrietta Wayne, gives us an insight into the history of the violin bow, from the 1500s to today.

Watch the video to find out about what a violin frog is and how you can make your own bow with a twig and string!

Find out more about the violin on our instrument page


  • Hello. I doubt you remember me. I was at Thames Valley many years ago and wondered if you still keep in touch with anyone from there. I really wanted to find out about my piano teacher Margaret Johnson and I think you were friends with or in the same year as Zoe. I have tried so many times to find out but drawn a blank. The only person I am occasionally in touch with still is Peter Avis.
    Hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I found this by accident. The bow history is fascinating too….

    Dr A E Safadi Fri Nov 6 2015
  • Hi,

    We passed this on to Hetty. She was indeed at Thames Valley but sadly isn’t in contact with anyone you mention. She sends her best wishes though.

    oae Fri Nov 27 2015