7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About CPE Bach

Check out some things you might not have known about Carl Phillipp Emmanuel Bach.
  1. CPE Bach was severely underpaid at the court of Frederick the Great.
  2. He was an astute businessman, meticulous record-keeper, punctilious accountant, and published his own music.
  3. He was the first to suggest in print that musicians should move, show emotion, practice, and use their thumbs when playing the piano.
  4. Throughout the 18th century, he was known as ‘Bach’, much more famously than his father, J.S.
  5. His music is packed with invention and unpredictability – sudden changes of mood, strange harmonies, and shocking pauses – Haydn draws much of his humour, spontaneity, etc. from CPE.
  6. He was sociable, vivacious, and humorous.
  7. He had an enormous portrait collection.