Crosseye Records

Crosseye Records, launching in Autumn 2022 is a student record label managed by the Dreamchasing Young Producers team.   Quick links: Live at the Hex, Commercial Video Projects, Crosseye Records

The Crosseye project brings together Dreamchasing Young Producers, OAE Players, OAE staff and specialist external consultants to create a commercial standard platform that comprises:

  • talent recruitment from Acland Burghley School and its sister schools in the Camden community (e.g. LaSwap Sixth Form Consortium;
  • talent development through expert coaching;
  • compositional support – each project is assigned OAE Players to consult on the creative process (e.g. instrumentation, scoring);
  • production planning (with mentoring from external consultants in the music production);
  • recording (with support from professional engineers to create as each project evolves an increasingly sophisticated recording infrastructure at Acland Burghley School);
  • distribution;
  • marketing and promotion (including live performance opportunities at commercial public events e.g. Live at the Hex, The Night Shift etc);
  • videographic development (e.g. the creation of original pop videos for Crosseye recordings).