Even more Niche Music Humour

In this video, OAE musician Adrian Woodward introduces us to the original all-in-one portable dance band, the hurdy gurdy. It is a funny instrument so it is not surprising that it has received so many funny comments on YouTube. Here is a round-up of some of our favourite niche baroque humour for the hurdy gurdy.

“Reminds me of my childhood in the 1450s when there were always buskers at Tyburn gallows.” 

– Karl Delavigne

“Karl Delavigne, How old are you now?”

– Tho Locktree

“Middle Aged, of course”

– Karl Delavigne

"If I'd been a musician in the sixteenth century, I probably would have picked the Hurdy Gurdy because I imagine it would have made me very popular. Wherever I would have gone, I would have started a party."
OAE musician Adrian Woodward

"Can't believe they let Swedish Chef from the Muppets name an instrument."


"The guy who plays this definitely has a side quest."

"This was invented by a pianist that didn't want to learn violin."

Sighs Internally

"This would probably play a killer cover of The Mandalorian theme."
Josh Jones

"Played this in my car...Now it's a horse"

Judgement Kazzy

"his melody just gave me +10 on endurance and +5 on charisma to keep my head up and finish this dungeon called work."

"Another episode of 'where quarantine has led me..."

Vivek S

"Played this for my doggo...Now he is a LV69 Warhound. "
Aron Perger

Hurrrrdy Gurrrrdy. How do you know pirates are good at the hurdy gurdy? They just arrrrrr!!!

Devin du Plessis

"Teacher: Alright children, which instruments do you want to learn? Piano, violin, bagpipes, or guitar?

Hurdy Gurdy players: Yes. "

Yueh Kuan

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