Jürgen Krauss from the Great British Bake Off Introduces the Stadtpfeiffer

Imagine a world without "Alexa, play Morganmusik by Hindemith". This was indeed the case as Jürgen takes us back in time to a period where music wasn’t nearly as accessible as it is today.

In this video, Jürgen takes us on a historical journey through the late Middle Ages to the 20th century to explore live music on brass instruments that aren’t commonly known to us today.

"Professional musicians then, as now needed to live. They needed food, drink, housing, clothes and instruments. So to afford music you had be wealthy enough to employ musicians."
Jürgen Krauss

Jürgen examines the different musical demands between employers who could afford musicians, the evolution and formation of the Stadtpfeiffer (aka multi-instrumentalist geniuses), how to become one, composition developments and one of the greatest composers known to man. The Stadtpfeiffer brought about much curiosity even centuries later and was a source of inspiration to composers of the 20th century including Paul Hindemith.

Together with our players, they perform a selection of excerpts, giving us a glimpse of what would have been heard on special occasions around town.