Now that’s what I call even more niche baroque humour

In this video, OAE Principal Artist John Butt introduces us to the spectacular bespoke chamber organ, built to recreate the sounds of Handel's era. The jokes about organs sometimes write themselves and our YouTube audience certainly did not disappoint. Here is a round-up of some of our favourite niche baroque humour for Handel's organ.
"I don’t know why it needs to be electric, there’s definitely room to squeeze a little orphan inside to operate some bellows."
Max Ravenous

"Our Principal Artist John Butt introduces. . . Handel's Organ" That just seems like the title of a whole different adult movie right there.


"This is very close to what Handel himself would have…Handled! Badum tss."
Ivo Wilson

"I would like to handle the handles that Haendel had handled."

Mark Hewitt

"I can’t handle the jokes already, enough is enough! "
Silver Rush

"Wow…you really pulled out all the stops for this one."

Rose Juliette 

"Seems relatively small. Looks like I can Handel it."
Max Alain’s Meme Stash