TEA WITH NETTY #46: Principal Oboe Katharina Spreckelsen

In this episode, OAE Principal Oboe Katharina Spreckelsen joins Netty for tea and chats. She recalls her first encounters with the oboe at a Christmas Eve Midnight Mass, where she discovered the joy of Bach's chorales in the Christmas Oratorio and the energetic oboe parts. You can catch her performing and experience the same musical delights in our upcoming concerts with Masaaki Suzuki. Also, find out how to fit three cellos, violas, flutes, and a family in one car.

Katharina traces her roots back to Germany to studying and launching her career as a baroque oboist in the UK. She reminisces on her involvement in various programming projects such as The Rime of the Ancient Mariner from our previous Songs of Travel season in 2022/23, and the delights of rehearsing with actor and friend, Rory Kinnear. Katharina shares her love for learning and teaching throughout the years which continues to grow.

Tea with Netty is the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment’s podcast hosted by viola player Annette Isserlis (Netty). Over a cuppa (or something a little stronger…), Netty chats with a variety of conductors, players and other guests as she ‘spills the tea’ on the side of classical music you don’t normally hear.

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