TEA WITH NETTY #51: OAE Head of Digital Zen Grisdale

OAE’s Head of Digital Zen Grisdale spills the tea as he joins Netty in the latest episode. Zen is responsible for delivering all the wacky and wonderful digital content, from our distinctive instrument videos to paying homage to Coldplay and everything in between. He shares his creative thought process and how it all began in the least expected way! Be prepared for an episode of funny anecdotes, soup comps, sheds and more!

Stellar Zen Grisdale takes us on a behind-the-scenes into the bustling world of the OAE through his lens. Netty reflects on the ‘magic’ of his editing style that is now recognised as the unique ‘Zen’ style. He also shares his intriguing past from pre-OAE days in a galaxy not too far away which involved telescopes, Saturn and Jupiter. Zen talks about the freedom in his work which allows him to experiment with different ideas to create entertaining and unconventional videos that are enjoyed by viewers as well as having the versatility to switch to different styles such as the Beethoven Piano Concertos with Sir András Schiff which was very well-received.

Tune in for guaranteed fun, chuckles, and smiles!

Tea with Netty is the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment’s podcast hosted by viola player Annette Isserlis (Netty). Over a cuppa (or something a little stronger…), Netty chats with a variety of conductors, players and other guests as she ‘spills the tea’ on the side of classical music you don’t normally hear.

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