TEA WITH NETTY PODCAST #6: Sir Roger Norrington

Netty chats with period performance legend Sir Roger Norrington

For this episode, Netty popped down to Devon to chat with OAE Emeritus Conductor and period instrument legend Sir Roger Norrington at his home. Sir Roger has been with us from the beginning, famous for conducting from a swivelling office chair, encouraging applause between movements and his disdain for vibrato, not to mention his energising performances and fresh perspectives on Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn.


Tea with Netty is our podcast hosted by viola player Annette Isserlis (Netty). Over a cuppa (or something a little stronger…), Netty chats with a variety of conductors, players and other guests as she ‘spills the tea’ on the side of classical music you don’t normally hear.

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