The fine line between Salvation and Damnation

Our 2019-20 season at Southbank Centre is called Salvation and Damnation. To explore the theme, we looked at historical reviews 'damning' some of our favourite composers, and compared them with recent comments on our work today. Where would Beethoven or Wagner be if they'd listened to the critics? There's a fine line between Salvation and Damnation, and like the great composers, we like to walk it. Watch the film to see more.
"Liszt’s themes stick out like almonds in a Dundee cake: they fail to cohere."
Frederick Corder on Liszt’s Piano Concertos (1874)

Thank you (in order of appearance) to David Clegg (Choir Manager), Annette Isserlis (viola), Philip Dale (trombone), Cecelia Bruggemeyer (double bass), Matthew Truscott (violin, leader), Cherry Forbes (Education Director), Martin Lawrence (horn), David Chatterton (contrabassoon) and Crispin Woodhead (Chief Executive) for reading the comments out.