OAE Experience

The Ann and Peter Law OAE Experience gives gifted period instrument musicians the chance to work alongside our orchestral players. The year-long scheme is aimed at players who have already finished or are finishing their studies and allows participants to be involved in and be mentored by our musicians in a variety of events across the year.
How it works

How it works

Each year’s scheme involves an Academy in London in January, a four-day intensive course supervised by our Leader, Margaret Faultless.

Following the Academy, the Experience ensemble may perform occasional concerts. Depending on instrument, some participants go on to take part in concerts by the main Orchestra.

There are also opportunities for additional lessons with our players, to sit in rehearsals for Orchestra projects, and to take part in our Education programme.

2023 OAE Experience

The OAE Experience players for 2023 are:

Aleksandra Kwatowska
Alexandra Lopez Arca
Elana Cooper
Emma Williams
Guillermo Santonja di Fonzo
Guo Yu
Jennie-Marie Wszolek
Rebecca Barrato

Angel Munoz-Vella
Helena Reguera

Majella Munz
Matylda Adamus
Samuel Ng

Double Bass
Giuseppe Ciraso-Cali

Maria Jesus Moreno Cuidad

Javier Sanchez Castillo

Nivanthi Karunaratne
Peter McNeill

Lewis Blee

Associate Experience scheme members 2023:

Brenda Lopez
Carolina Guiducci
Hugo Lau
Sergio Sanchez-Martin

Appolline Khou
Dominika Masszczynsa
Jorge Silva
Matthew Brown